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I've loved to cook for as long as I can remember but I only knew how to make the traditional Middle eastern food that my mom taught me until I got married that’s when I started learn different cuisine.

I was born in London, Ontario. raised in Lebanon. lived there half my life, at age 17 I returned to London, where I now live with my husband and 3 kids. Were a simple family, we enjoy traveling when never we can. We love weekends when we can spend time with family and friends, making memories and of course food. 

My oldest son Hamza is my second hand in the kitchen he loves to cook, we even have those cooking challenges, and get votes from the family. On the other hand my son Ameer hates helping and doesn't love the kitchen but loves food, he's my taste test buddy, he's always gives me credit for everything I make. My little princess she's the spoon licker, stand on her tiny feet waiting for me to hand her the beater with batter! oo not to forget the cookies that always tend to disappear when she's around.

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What you'll find on honeynjoy

I focus on scratch made recipes! It's mostly savoury but I also include quite a few desserts recipes! You will also find a lot of ice cream recipes that are easy to make.

I love making things from scratch because it's healthier and just tastes so much better. My recipes contain detailed step-by-step instructions.

Before we jump into making some recipes together, I first want to say: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING HERE! You bring the recipes I share here to life to share them with family, and friends.


Fun facts about Ibtesam

  •  I started HoneynJoy with ZERO knowledge of photography! I just knew I loved to cook.

  • *I love food and I’ll try anything new, and luckily my family is the same.

  •  Favorite things: Dark chocolate anything, watermelon, avocados, pumpkins, popcorn, Turkey, cats, and rain.

If you are interested in working with me, please send me an email.

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